The Applied College

About TAC


The Applied College (TAC) is one of the King Abdul Aziz University (KAAU) Colleges that have been established in 2002.  TAC is a three-year institution of higher education that includes a preparatory year, committed to both student learning and success.  The goal of its establishment in 2002 is to provide an educational service to the entire community in the city of Jeddah.

The college offers a comprehensive variety of career-oriented courses and programs that not only address the demands of the surrounding business communities but meet students' needs as well.


Providing students with adequate knowledge and professional skills for the workplace.


The leading applied college nationally, associated with academic excellence and professional qualifications.

College General Objectives

There are five major tracks/sub-goals (objectives) to the TAC strategic plan. They are:
  • Effective Teaching and Learning: reinforcement of teaching, learning, and academic services to improve the quality of academic outcome.
  • Social Responsibility: activation of social participation by College staff and providing outstanding contribution for serving society.
  • Innovation, Pioneering and Research: the development of a stimulating and supportive environment for creativity, pioneering, leadership and innovation, and supporting entrepreneurship and research efforts of staff and students.
  • Local and international partnership: Cooperation with local and international educational institutions to implement best practices and standards.
  • Finance: Diversification of income sources through college programs and activities.

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