Health and Safety

      It is the policy of JCC to strive for implementation of the highest safety standards by providing accident-free, healthy, safe and comfortable work environment as much as possible by eliminating recognized hazards from the workplace.
    The JCC’s overall health and safety program, and specific individual Programs, have been developed to assure compliance with King Abdul Aziz University Occupational Health and Safety Rules and Regulations as they apply to the various operations at the University.


·  To Provide Safety program on humanitarian and  economic base

·  To send each employee back home to his/her family each day healthy and uninjured.

·  To make each employee safe and prevent Hazards, such as Chemical Hygiene etc.

·  To ensure Students’ safety at the college’s campuses.      

·  To apply occupational health standards and safety rules and regulations.

·  To implement an accident prevention program at all levels of the College starting from the higher administrative and ending by guests and visitors.

·  Health and safety are essential responsibilities of every manager and supervisor at the college.


Each employee must report every accident/incident to the General Administration office at JCC. When applicable, insurance coverage should apply. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to complete the HR-006 form and the Medical Authorization Form HR-007 in the following manner:


·  Whenever an incident occurs under any circumstances, it is the duty of the supervisor to report the incident immediately after its discovery. The concerned employee should fill out the specified incidental form and submit it to the administrative manager.

·  If an employee visits a physician resulting from an accident or an incident at work, the employee should submit the original Employee Accident/Incident Report form HR-006 and the Medical Authorization Form HR-007.

·  If the employee does not see a physician, the State Employee Accident/Incident Report Form should be submitted to the administrative office.

·  All charges for physicians, hospitals, prescriptions …etc. must have the proper documentations showing the employee's name. Claims for reimbursement or payment of any charges may be forwarded to the administration of the college.

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