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KAU vice president of academic affairs visited JCC
The Dean of King AbdulAziz University Community College, Dr. Ahmad Saleh Abdulwahhab welcomed KAU vice president .. Read More
Added Date : 7-Mar-2017
JCC Hosts COE Accreditation Team
The Dean of King AbdulAziz University Community College, Dr. Ahmad Saleh Abdulwahhab have announced that the accreditation .. Read More
Added Date : 4-May-2016
JCC Hosts COE Accreditation Team
The Dean of King AbdulAziz University Community College, Dr. Ahmad Saleh Abdulwahhab have announced that the accreditation .. Read More
Added Date : 28-Feb-2016
Significant Cooperation between JCC and ACCA
JCC tends to achieve its vision and mission by establishing a strong professional link with private sectors and .. Read More
Added Date : 19-Jan-2016
Proudly Announces CMA Tuition Classes for CMA Part -1
.. Read More
Added Date : 22-Nov-2015
An Open Day for ACCA Students
JCC organized an orientation program on 1st November 2015 between 6:30 p.m. to 8:30p.m. in JCC premises for ACCA .. Read More
Added Date : 19-Nov-2015
JCC Dean Welcomed Faculty
In a meeting of JCC Dean with faculty on Wednesday 7 October 2015, held in the meeting room, he welcomed JCC faculty .. Read More
Added Date : 8-Nov-2015
Orientation Program in the New Building
Among the process of providing necessary services to the departments in the new building of JCC inside the premises .. Read More
Added Date : 2-Nov-2015
JCC has made a new achievement
Recently JCC has made a cooperative with Oxford Brookes University (OBU). This cooperative with OBU would allow .. Read More
Added Date : 20-Oct-2015
JCC celebrates the first Graduates of International Professional Certificates
JCC organized a special joyful celebration, as the college becomes a center to award professional international .. Read More
Added Date : 25-May-2015
JCC Annual Celebration
JCC organized their annual celebration on Tuesday 5/5/2015 in marine science center in Abhor. The event started .. Read More
Added Date : 19-May-2015
Cooperation agreement formalised between JCC and EY
Jeddah Community College (JCC) signed Monday a cooperation agreement with EY, an internationally renowned accountancy .. Read More
Added Date : 7-May-2015
An Inspiring Welcome
JCC dean , Dr. Ahmed Alabdulwahab welcomed teaching staff to Second semester on Feb16, 2015 in an inspiring manner. .. Read More
Added Date : 23-Apr-2015
Accreditation from Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), London
Jeddah Community College (JCC) has been working industriously to bring professional qualifications to benefit the .. Read More
Added Date : 23-Apr-2015
JCC Collaboration with Babson Global in a Entrepreneurs Project
Coinciding with the International Exhibition and Conference on Higher Education in Riyadh, His Excellency the acting .. Read More
Added Date : 19-Apr-2015
Professional development at JCC
Jeddah Community College has had one of its most inspiring series of professional development workshops in the .. Read More
Added Date : 2-Mar-2015
Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methodology
Dr. Ashraf Mahraj, a JCC faculty presented a seminar on 4/12/2014 for college staff in JCC seminars room. It was .. Read More
Added Date : 5-Jan-2015
Publishing a scientific research paper in ISI Journal: An Explanation of the Process
GRC chairman, Dr. Turky Alsolmi , established a research and Publication Committee to boost research activities .. Read More
Added Date : 5-Jan-2015
How Your Project wins funding
During his visit to King Abdulaziz University, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Shahpour (from University of Illinois - USA) .. Read More
Added Date : 24-Dec-2014
Introduction to Professional Qualifications
JCC celebrated “Day for Professional Qualifications” on Tuesday 9/12/2014 in the college auditorium. This celebration .. Read More
Added Date : 24-Dec-2014
Strategic-plan workshop
JCC organized a KAU strategic plan workshop on October 28, 2014 at JCC seminar room from 8:30a.m – 12:00 p.m. Dr. .. Read More
Added Date : 24-Nov-2014
Skills of Studying
Within the activities of JCC Cultural Community, Dr. Adnan Rashed Alateeq, a JCC faculty member, presented a lecture .. Read More
Added Date : 24-Nov-2014
“Hajatul- Wadaa” Study Circle
Within the activities of JCC Islamic Awareness Community, a study circle of title “Hajatul- Wadaa” (farewell pilgrimage) .. Read More
Added Date : 4-Nov-2014
Open Day
JCC celebrated a joyful and exuberant sports day at KAU playground on Tuesday 21st of October 2014. Sport activities .. Read More
Added Date : 30-Oct-2014
The First Orientation Program (2014-2015)
JCC has organized the 1St orientation program for its new students on Tuesday 16/09/2014 in JCC auditorium. The .. Read More
Added Date : 19-Oct-2014
Welcome Back
Dr. Ahmed Alabdul Wahab, dean of JCC welcomed all faculty members to this semester in his first general meeting .. Read More
Added Date : 13-Oct-2014
Jeddah Community College has been accredited to Provide Cambridge Certificate in IT Skills
The Cambridge IT Skills Certificate is provided now at Jeddah Community College (JCC) within the preparatory year .. Read More
Added Date : 13-Jul-2014
Routing and Switching Workshop
JCC organized a workshop for 3 days (Friday 9, May – Sunday 11, May 2014), 8 hours per day. It was to give the .. Read More
Added Date : 22-May-2014
A great news to all JCC accounting graduated students and current students
A free of charge preparation course for ACCA professional certificate As JCC has been approved as an accredited .. Read More
Added Date : 21-May-2014
Closing ceremony of Navy Employees
JCC celebrated the end of training program for navy employees on May 8, 2014 which commenced three months ago. .. Read More
Added Date : 14-May-2014